Light Color Temperature User Guide

Would you like to know how to enhance the atmosphere with the appropriate color temperature?​​ This is a user guide that we generated base on our own experience using color temperature.

Warm white>Natural light>Cold white

Kelvin Chart: 1000K-7000K

The correlated color temperature (CCT) is a specification of the color appearance of the light emitted by a lamp, relating its color to the color of light from a reference source when heated to a particular temperature, measured in degrees Kelvin (K).


Under 3500K LED closely replicates incandescent light color. It contains more red color,which is more warm, romantic and relaxing.

Applicate on: Restaurants, home, hotel lobbies, boutiques, breweries


Around 4000K, LED light contains slightly more yellow; creating a friendly, intimate,

comfortable and serene environment.

Applicate on:

Libraries, bookstores, retail stores, showrooms, public reception areas, office areas


In the range of 5500K-6500K, the color temperature is closest to natural sunlight. The

brightness is ideal for focusing and higher productivity.

Applicate on:

Office areas, conference rooms, classrooms, galleries, museums, jewelry stores, medical exam areas, hospitals, mass merchandisers

Here is a difference between Warm white and Natural light in the same space. You can feel how amazing the color temperature can change the sense.

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