We can make white using RGB strip light! No need of RGBW strip any more!

People usually wants to get full color and white using RGBW strip light. Today, I'd like to introduce our control system to make white just using RGB strip light.

Most basic RGB controllers are enable switches from color dimming to adjust RGB colors. Some of them also can do functions like color running mode, save favorite colors, and control several zones separately.

GL RGB Controller

As you know, red, blue and green light can make white in nature. Right now, just use our RGB controller, you will get WHITE also, which combines red, blue and green together. In the video, we use our 3 Zone Wall Mount RGBW Controller as an example.

Short touch on switch for on/off

Touch the color wheel to choose color

Touch the color running button to start or pause color running mode; Long touch to adjust speed

Long touch S1/S2/S3 to save your favorite color

Touch the 3 white button in the middle, you will get 3 kinds of white: Warm White, Natural White,

and Cold White

Not only this controller can achieve white, but also all of other controllers we have can get the same function. No worries about RGBW strip light any more, which will make the light load lower and make the installation work easy.

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