How to Connect LED Strip to Adapted LED transformer (H-series)

The strip light shown in this video is single color LED strip light, and the transformer is our product line H-series

All part and accessories can be purchase from our showroom location. Products that shown in the video: 1. 12V single color LED Strip 2. Female barrels connector 3. 12V Adapted H-series transformer and Power Cord 4. Power source There are 2 major components you have to pay attention before connecting LED to transformer. a. Make sure LED and Transformer Voltage is the same. Either 12V or 24V.

In this video, the LED trip light is in 12VDC; therefore, the transformer is in 12VDC b. Connect LED strip red wire to Transformer output V+, and black wire to Output V-. P.S. For RGB color changing LED strip light usually will connect to a controller. It contains 4 wires instead of 2 wires: Black wire to V+, and Red, Green, Blue wire to Output V-

If you connect Red, Green, Blue wire directly to the transformer, all the color will light up and form white color. Therefore, if connect black wire to +, and one of the color wire to -. It will only show the color wire that you connect. For example, connected black wire to+, and blue wire to -, the strip light will only turns blue. We strongly suggest using controller, so you can make the most of it from your LED strip light.

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