Low Voltage LED Project Configurations

Project Guide for Product Selection, Configuration, and Service Assistance


We provide consulting on selecting the right products for your project’s specific requirements, including measurement assistance and compatible product suggestion to meet the needs of your project while using quality products at an affordable cost.

We can provide all the materials required for your project (LED light/Aluminum Channel/ Transformer/ Controller/ Low Voltage Lead Wire/ Junction Box).

This service is free of charge.


We provide a custom project configuration service (This service applies to large projects that require low voltage light assistance from an experienced technician.)

Wire Configuration Layout: In the image below you will find instructions on how to configure your wire connection between low voltage LED lights, controllers, and transformers in detail. Simply connect the materials as suggested.

This service charge is dependent on the project size and design requirements.


We provide a custom factory assembling service

1.  We cut to length Low voltage LED strip lights with custom soldered leads and labeling. On site assembling.      

     The aluminum channel can be cut and labeled as well.

2.  Low voltage LED strip light is pre-assembled inside the aluminum channel with the lead exposed. This is a completed as a finished fixture.

This service charge is dependent on the project size and design requirements.


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