SMART Digital Full Color & Remote

SMART Digital Full Color & Remote

  • Wireless remote control
  • 133 Built-In Programs
  • Custom light program
  • Can be individually powered or shared power
  • Easy Operation
  • What’s Inside the Box
    (1) Digital Full Color Remote Control
    (1) Digital Full Color Controller
  • Note: Power supply and battery are not included
  • GL LED’s Digital Full Color Controller (JM-HC008) is suit for UCS1903 (TM2801, TM16726, TM8806 etc) output applications to drive LED directly. It is widely used in advertising, stage sets, home decorations, etc. It has many advantages such as low price, easy connection and simplicity to use. It has a memory function for storing different modes and with a pre-set 133 modes. Meanwhile, you could adjust brightness, static color choices and various dynamic changes in lighting effects through wireless remote control. It can also be used as a synchronous controller. That is to say you can synchronously control number of decoders and LED lights.

  • Product Color: Silver

    IP Rating: IP20

    Control System: IR Remote Control

    Controller Type: LED Pixel

    Controlled IC Model: Such as the TM16726, TM2801, TM8806, WS2811, UCS1903 etc.

    Working Temperature: -20-60°C

    Supply Voltage: 12V DC

    Output:  DMX512/SPI Signal; <60mA

    Product Size:  L130*W70*H25 mm

    Packing Size:  L130*W80*H54mm

    Net Weight:  180g

    Gross Weight:  270g

    Maximum Control Points: 1024 (Low-speed) points, 2048 (High-speed) points

    The distance of the first point to controller: Low-speed mode <40m; High-speed mode <20m. (When more than 5 meters, you should use the shielded to connect) If it is more than the distance, you must add a “TTL level to 485-level” module