A 2525 Aluminum LED Strip Channel

A 2525 Aluminum LED Strip Channel

  • Width and depth (inches): 0.98* 0.98
  • Length: up to 8 feet
  • Fits LED strips 20 mm/0.79 in  Wide or Less
  • Application:  Suspended Design
  • Milky diffusers, end caps available
  • Anodized Aluminum perfectly shaped and stylish LED lighting solution
  • Product sold by whole piece Max length (we offer customize cut service)


SKU: AL-CH-A-2525

  • A 2525 Aluminum LED Strip Channel

    This LED Linear light Aluminum Channel housing for flexible LED strips  light under 20 mm/0.79 in wide. Made from high quality Anodized Aluminum, these extrusions provide superior thermal management quickly dissipates the heat created by the LED’s and can easily double the lifetime of the LED lights, also help to protect the LED’s from dust  and other undesirable elements which can cut shorten the LED’s lifespan.

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