What is ComEd Rebates? 

ComEd rebates help your business reduce costs and improve operations through energy efficiency. How? As you know LED light produces higher brightness but lower wattage than the traditional HID light. Replacing your light to LED with ComEd rebates program, you can get part of the replacement product fee. You can maximize efficiency and further ensure a reasonable return on your investment for each measure. 



The Rebate amount depends on Wattage different replacing HID light to LED light. It is around 30-40% of the purchase and the check will send directly to your door after the project is completed. All you need to get started is providing W-9 form and your last month of ComEd Bill. The rest, GL LED can help take care of it. The more you change, the more rebate you can get back for your light upgrade, and you pay much lesser utility bill from now on. 

Commercial Real Estate

The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program can help overcome the unique barriers to energy efficiency projects faced by multi-tenant building managers and guidance to ensure that both building owners and tenants benefit from investments in energy efficiency.


For office owners and managers, lighting can make up a significant portion of your day-to-day expenses. And depending on the season, maintaining a comfortable air temperature can be a close second.

Energy-efficiency upgrades can reduce operating costs and help improve the overall indoor environment. For example, you can reduce operating costs by replacing T12 lighting fixtures with high-performance T8s. And with careful planning and the right ComEd Energy Efficiency Program incentives, you can maximize efficiency and ensure a reasonable return on your investment.


In the healthcare industry, medical facilities are under constant pressure to reduce operating costs, while providing excellent quality and experience. The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program offers the services you need to identify and implement energy-saving opportunities that make good business sense for your healthcare facility.


  • Upgrades to more energy-efficient lighting in patient rooms, common areas and offices.

  • Installation of LED and induction fixtures and photocells to increase the efficiency of outdoor and parking garage lighting.


Customer comfort is a top priority for hotel managers, but controlling cost is critical in this competitive market. Energy efficiency opportunities offer a cost-effective way to cut costs while maintaining a high level of service to guests. ​


ComEd Energy Efficiency Program can help you identify energy-saving opportunities for your school. Efficiency upgrades to lighting alone can reduce operating costs; and with today's technology, you can even improve the overall indoor environment for your students, faculty and staff.

Education facilities are comprised of a wide range of building types—including office, classroom, housing, laboratory, health care and large assembly—that are typically owned, operated and maintained for decades. Increasing the energy efficiency of these buildings can reduce energy and maintenance costs, improve occupant comfort and help modernize the buildings to meet the needs of today’s students and educators.


Reducing energy use can not only save money, it can also increase the safety and comfort of your employees.

Installation of energy-efficient lighting can reduce operating costs and help improve the overall indoor environment. There are a number of other viable energy-saving opportunities for warehouse facilities with payback periods that make economic sense.